Sawmill Lake

Sawmill Lake is located on the Northstar Ski Resort property. It’s crystal clear water and surrounding landscape makes it one of the prettiest spots to fish in the area. The lake is home to some very large Rainbow and Brown Trout. There are significant hatches on the lake usually starting with midges of all varieties in April and May and Callabaetis and Damsels in June. The lake can be fished using a variety of methods and can either be fished from shore or in a float tube or even a small pram or drift boat. Sawmill offers some excellent sight fishing opportunities throughout the year. We specialize in sight fishing trips to the lake where we use lots of different dry flies like Ants, Callabaetis, Beetles and Midges.

We limit Sawmill to 4 rods per day to ensure quality and an environment of Solitude. Larger groups are o.k. but not if there are other anglers on the water. For more information on this awesome fishery give us a call or send us an email. 775.742.1754 or