September 2017 Fishing Report and Pyramid Lake News


Truckee River

Fall is here!!! Flows are great there is a lot of water in the river for late September and it has really helped the water temps! On the California side, Late morning hatches consist of Trico’s, Micro BWO’s and PED’s. Evening hatches are Micro Caddis and a few October Caddis. Fish have really keyed in on the October Caddis larva and pupa throughout the day. Nymphing with an October Caddis and a smaller dropper either “High Stick” style or under an indicator is a great way to spend the day.

In Nevada, Good hatches are coming off mid-morning. Hatches in the morning have been Micro BWO’s, Trico’s, and PED’s. The fish really have keyed in on the PED’s.  Hatches in the evenings of micro caddis. Best flies have been Streamers and Hopper/Droppers have been very successful with a PED, with a few fish looking for the hopper as well. Don’t be afraid to throw the Crayfish or an October Caddis as your lead fly. Flows are: Town of Truckee 80 CFS, Boca Bridge 549 CFS, Farad 618 CFS, Reno 407 CFS and Vista 556 CFS.

Little Truckee River:

Flows are 72 CFS. These are great flows for late September. Fishing has been good. Late morning Hatches include Micro Blue Wing Olives, Midges, and Mahogany Duns.  Mid-Day look to a Hopper/Dropper rig. Nymphing and Hopper/dropper have been very successful. There have been some October Caddis sightings and swinging an October Caddis pupa or even a Dry can be effective.

East Walker River

Flows are 204 CFS. These are great flows for the fall. There are still plenty of Hoppers around despite the low overnight temperatures last week. Fishing big Dries in the seams and slower water has been getting the attention of some pretty big fish. Hopper dropper rigs fished in the same water is also working well. At 204 CFS most of the fish are out of the main current and closer to banks. The river is perfect right now and worth the drive for sure. Just about any normal East Walker techniques are worth some time.

Frenchman’s Reservoir

Water Temperatures have dropped fast since the last cold front. Surface temps. Are in the high 50’s already and the fish are happy. Nymphing with Maholo Midges and Nymphs is hard to beat right now. Fish can be found in anywhere from a foot of water down to 20 feet. There are also some fish eating on the surface in the shallows in the mornings. Loco Ants, Midges and Parachute Adams are all good bets if you can find these fish. Frenchman’s should be a great place to spend the day for the next month or more.

Davis Lake

Conditions are very much like that of Frenchman’s except for fish are hard to find. Davis still needs some help from Fish and Game to get the numbers back to where they should be. Changing the regulations so fewer fish are kept would also help out Davis a lot. If you can find some fish the good news is they are big and fat and fighting hard. Stripping Wooly’s and leaches in 4-12 feet of water is a good way to go. Indicator Nymphing with Blood Midges like the Albino Wino in 6-10 feet around the weed bed edges is also worth a try.

Pyramid Lake (Opens October 1st)

The lake still has a lot of closed areas and beaches. Nothing was done all summer to fix the road to the North end of the lake. Everything North of Warrior Point remains closed. On the South End Dago and Howards are in the same situation. Nothing has been done to get these areas ready for fishing season. If you can try to avoid the first couple of weekends at the lake. It is going to be a zoo at the three or four beaches that normally hold fish (and fisherman) in the fall.

Fall Forecast – There is plenty of Tui Chubs around the West shore anywhere from Popcorn to Warrior. This is normal for this time of year and really expected. The water has come up over 10 feet since January and really helped out the Chubs and the Alkalinity levels in the lake. The surface temps are still in the high 60’s and most likely will keep fish in deeper water for another few weeks. Accessing deeper water from shore is a must for the first part of October in places like Block House and Popcorn. Dago, Howard’s and Monument all offer this type of access as well but are all still closed. Stripping streamers with a fast-sinking line or tossing spoons or Jigs in deeper water is usually the way to go in the fall. If the rest of the fishable beaches do not get opened before November it could be a really tough first few months at Pyramid. The beaches that are open hold way more fish in the spring months when the fish are in spawn mode. Most of us have been fishing the closed areas in October -February and it looks like we will not have that opportunity this year or maybe for the foreseeable future. This fall might be a great time to check out some other fisheries in the area.


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