August 2017 Fishing Report

Truckee River

The Truckee is in great shape for August. The flows are good and the water temperatures are excellent. In California where the flows are lower, hopper dropper set-ups have been working well. Small Caddis and PMD nymphs fished under a big hopper or dry stone is the way to go. Caddis and Little Yellow Stones are still hatching in the evenings after the sun leaves the water. In Nevada the flows are little higher and High-Sticking or Indicator Nymphing has been working well. There are a lot of fish in the system right now due to several stockings. You will find a few Golden Stone husks on some rocks and Caddis are still hatching in the evenings. Try using a Golden Stone nymph with a smaller bead head nymph dropper. Mornings before the heat and the Bikini hatch has been the best time. Evenings are also worth a try. Flows are: Town of Truckee 262 CFS, Boca Bridge 577 CFS, Farad 672 CFS, Reno 488 and Vista 418 CFS.

Little Truckee River

Flows are at 94 CFS. Fishing has been good. Morning Hatches of Micro Blue Wing Olives and midges have been coming off. Still getting a few PMD’s Mid-Afternoon but the hatch is fading fast. Mid-Day look to a Hopper/Dropper rig. Nymphing and Hopper/dropper have been very successful, there are a few fish coming up and eating dries but you have to search these fish out. A Hopper Midge is a good go to for this time of year.

East Walker River

Flows are 340 CFS. The river is in great shape. 340 is the best flows we have seen this summer. It is totally fishable right now. It is still a little warm during the day so go early and fish until about lunch time. Not much going on in the way of hatches but Nymphing or swinging streamers has been effective. This is a great time of year to toss around a Hopper Dropper set up. Fish the seams and the slower water out of the main current. At 340 CFS there is still a lot of water for a small stream. Be careful crossing as well.




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