September 2015 Fishing Report and Fall News

Fall is in the air. Finally there may be some decent fishing in front of us. You are still going to have to pick and choose a little bit. The water situation is still a big problem on many of our area streams and lakes. There are places to fish and hopefully we can shed a little light on where to go around Reno.

Davis Lake

The water is starting to cool fast. The lake is fishable right now for sure. The lake is very low probably lower than most of us have seen it. The boat Ramp at Honker Cove is still usable but barely. Be careful launching. Float Tubers need to pick their launching spots to get around the expansive weed beds in the lake right now. The Rainbows are starting to come up out of the deep water and cruise around the weed beds. Early morning and late evening are still the best times to fish. The water is still warm and the middle of the day is still quite slow. The fishing should continue to get better over the next month and Davis should fish well for the next three months. Blood Midges fished under an indicator in 8-14 feet of water is always a good bet. Look for some Callabaetis and even some smaller Damsels out and about as well.

Little Truckee River

The Little Truckee is still flowing at a mere 16 CFS due to ongoing restoration projects. There is some really good long term projects going on right now and we really should leave the fishing alone until the water comes back up to at least 30 CFS.

Truckee River

What water that is in the River is starting to cool off. The only stretch of the river that is even close to fishable for Trout is the Canyon section on the California side of the river. That stretch between Boca Bridge and the Nevada state line is still running very low around 100 CFS. We will probably see low flows until we get some rain and or snow this coming fall/winter.

East Walker River

20 CFS is the flow and the East Walker is really low. It is fishable however as we have had some cooler overnight lows in the Bridgeport area. The river is in full on winter time mode right now with flows in the 20-30 CFS range. Continue to fish in the early mornings and evenings for a while until we see cooler weather. It probably is not worth the drive just yet.

Hobart Reservoir

Hobart is fishing great. The cooler weather has the bugs going wild. Fish can be seen rising hard in the mornings and evenings, especially during non-windy periods. Callabaetis, Midges, Ants and Beetles are all great flies to try right now. You can spend all day fishing the surface, hang flies under an indicator or slow strip small Wooly Buggers with an intermediate line. Hobart has been stocked heavily this year by NDOW as one of the few local fisheries with decent water conditions.

Pyramid Lake

30 Days to go. We are starting to see some cooler overnight air temperatures in the area and the surface water temperatures will start to cool very soon. We have a full fall fishing forecast on our website to try to help anglers prepare for a fall trip to the lake.


We have been working hard over the summer creating new ways to share our knowledge with our friends and clients. we have some really exciting things to announce including A date for the Annual Pyramid Lake Celebration, useful updates to our websites and some really new exciting products on our online store.

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