Truckee River News – Low Water and getting worse tonight

We just got off the phone with the Federal Water Master. The flows coming out of Boca Reservoir are going to be shut down tonight July 29th. The flows coming out of Boca are currently 266 CFS. Most of the irrigation ditches will also be shut off by tomorrow including Steamboat ditch. When this change settles out the flows in downtown Reno will be around 120 CFS. It will not be much longer until the flows from Mogul downstream will also be 120 CFS. Lake Tahoe is only about 9 inches from its natural rim. When it reaches its natural rim the flows coming out of Lake Tahoe will also shut off. They are currently at 177 CFS. there is some emergency water in Donner Lake and Independence lake. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe also has about 100 CFS water rights which will help keep some water in the river for a while. It may be a long time until the flows come back up. Maybe even late winter or Spring depending on rain and snow in November and December. For the fishing report on the Truckee, Little Truckee and the East Walker River go to

Here is some more information off the new fishing report worth reading as well.

The water temperatures have been a problem for weeks now and are only going to get worse. The Federal Water Master’s office has stated that the flows out of Boca Reservoir are going to be cut off tonight July 29th which will cut the flows on the river by 255 CFS. Most of the irrigation ditches are also going to be shut off by tomorrow. This will allow some extra water back into the river but in the next two days expect the flows through Reno to go from 266 CFS to about 120 CFS. The flows east of town could drop even more. In California the water is a little cooler but Lake Tahoe is approaching its natural rim and the flows in the upper river are also going to be very low. There has been some talk of limiting fishing on the river to mornings only but at these flows we should really leave the Truckee River alone for a while. Trout do not do well in water over 70 degrees and the water temperatures will easily exceed that in the days to come, especially on the Nevada side of the river. Please conserve water and help out in this time of need.

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