Pyramid Lake – Apri[ 24th

Fished Pyramid today from about 6:15am to 11:30 am.  I took my drift boat and we fished out on the ledge at the Nets.  We got a couple of fish the first 2 hours with sinking lines. After that we switched to indicators and hit a stretch where we caught about 10 in 45 minutes, all on a black Mahalo nymph.  Good thing we were there for that little flurry because the last 2 hours were tough.  Fish were all 17 – 22 inches.  While we didn’t catch any big ones, a 16 pounder was caught off of a beach down south on a fly the day before!  I did stop by the spawning station as we were leaving this morning and it is loaded with fish.  They are definitely in full spawn mode now.


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