Pyramid Lake Report 4/10

I fished the lake Monday and Tuesday morning with VERY limited results.  We caught a few fish (2 or 3) down south along the beaches with a steep drop off but it was very slow.  About 3:00pm Tuesday afternoon the wind picked up from the northeast and by 4:00pm the conditions were perfect……… incoming 2-3′ waves and complete overcast.  The fish just “showed up” at the North Nets and the guys that braved the storm hammered them.  I landed about 20, lost several more and missed a few hits along the way.   The fellow next to me caught more than I did including a nice 8-9 pound male. (Should have gotten a picture of that one but I was fishing , not photographing!)  I saw dozens of fish caught in those last 3 hours of the day.  It was like Pyramid is supposed to be!!!  Everyone I could see was fishing sinking lines as the weather was not very conducive to indicator fishing.  I don’t think it mattered what color you used.  I had a black and chartreuse wooley and a white one on for a while.  I broke off the white one on a fish and fished the last hour with one fly as I didn’t think to bring any ammo with me and the fishing was too good to go back to the truck for a reload.  I hope this is the beginning of good things to come.  We have a few days of stormy weather at the end of this week and hopefully the conditions will keep the fish in shallow.

By the way, I went over to the spawning shed on Tuesday morning and they were taking fish.  There were quite a few in the stream and the tribal guys said they were just starting to arrive in numbers, but still below what is normal for this time of year.  They have to spawn sometime, so keep going when you can.  If a north wind is forecast, I know where I will be!!!  Good luck.


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